John Cena Plays Hilarious Game of “Heads Up!” With Fan [Watch]

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As John Cena preps for the upcoming release of his new Transformers movie Bumblebee, the superstar made a stop to the set of The Ellen Show to play the much-loved game Heads Up. And luckily, he had a special connection to the fan he was playing with.

She was not only a big Cena fan but also a big Transformers fan. “This will be the greatest round of Heads Up! of all time,” Cena quipped.

And heck, these two were good, as Cena seemed to generally have some really good clues to the Dynamic Duos that he was describing. I mean, can Cena do no wrong?

Indeed, the powerhouse of a guy who got his start in WWE has much to be proud of at the moment, as he continues to have success in movies such as Ferdinand, Trainwreck and Sisters.

But what about his wrestling past? Could he possibly be planning a trip back into the ring?

“So as much as I want to do everything, you can’t,” Cena says in a recent interview. “This was a giant misunderstanding I had about what Dwayne was doing — what The Rock was doing — because he does movie after movie after movie. I know the feeling of wanting to go back — and I’m going back as soon as I can — but I can’t go back until I’m done with this.”