Watch John Cena Tell Nikki Bella He “Will Give Her a Child” and Try Not To Cringe

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Don’t get me wrong— I love John Cena and Nikki Bella and, just like a lot of other folks out there, I find myself overinvested and over interested in the status of their relationship— but newly-released footage from Nikki’s E! show “Total Bellas” makes me feel weird, and not in a good way. 

In the clip, we see John and Nikki having a serious conversation over dinner about Nikki’s desire to have kids. “I just want to be a mom,” she keeps lamenting. Eventually, John seems to have some sort of realization and essentially tells Nikki that he knows relationships require sacrifice and, therefore, he wants to make “that sacrifice.” 

“I will give you a child,” he says after a long pause, sweat building up on his forehead. 

Maybe it’s just me that finds this scene to be cringe-worthy— but, regardless, it makes for great TV.