John Cena Warns Nikki Bella About His Nude Scenes in Movies Because One Time He Didn’t and It Was Bad


John Cena isn’t just a worldwide superstar because of WWE, he has also become quite the comedic actor in recent years. Cena had a big role in “Trainwreck” a few years ago and so did his… butt. Cena’s body also gets some prime screentime in the new movie, “Blockers,” which has led to some very natural discussions with fianceé Nikki Bella.

Cena told Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show,” that at first, he didn’t always tell Bella about the nudity, “there’s a beverage and I have a shirt on and that’s it…I do warn Nikki now. I didn’t for the ‘Trainwreck’ one, I did not. I was like, ‘oh, it’ll be fine.’ And it was not, so that was a problem and that ended up being a tough discussion. Now, we review all the material that gets thrown at me and we come to the conclusion that it will be okay.”

Honestly, with some of these scenes we’d be more worried about Bella’s mom or something.