John Cena Discusses Split From Nikki Bella: “I’m Still Here, Still Going, and I Choose To Go”

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By now, you’ve probably heard that John Cena and Nikki Bella have ended their engagement and, subsequently, their relationship– but now that the dust has settled, the two are getting back to life as normal and are working towards healing.

John Cena, who has only spoken out about the breakup via a few ominous Instagram posts, recently spoke with E! News while at a promotional event for his new movie “Bumblebee” about his split from Nikki.

“The powerful play goes on and you get to contribute a verse.’ I love that Wittman quote. Life is sometimes tough, but it’s life and it goes on,” John told E! News. “Nicole knows I love her and I miss her, but that is what it is. And I’m still here, still going—and I choose to go.”

He also did an interview with Entertainment Tonight where he straightforwardly said the breakup “sucks,” and that he still loves Nikki with all of his heart.

While only time can tell what lies ahead for John and Nikki, it was clear that their relationship had its struggles (as does any relationship). Nikki once even shared that she used to pray John Cena would change his mind about wanting kids after they got married.

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