John Cena Tells Jimmy Fallon the Sweet Reason He Doesn’t Regret Not Going to Prom: “I’m Making Up For It With My Bride-To-Be”


John Cena and Nikki Bella might be one of the cutest couples ever, and their relationship seems to be stronger than ever. Recently, the two were seen on an episode of E!’s “Total Bellas” having a serious discussion about their relationship. At the time, Cena couldn’t confirm that their engagement was still on, but now he’s cleared the air and shared that they’re trying to make things work.

Cena went on “The Tonight Show” to talk with Jimmy Fallon about his new movie “Blockers,” and to talk about their own prom experiences. Jimmy shared a picture of himself from his own prom (please see below, because wow) while Cena admitted that he never actually went to prom. “I chose to work instead,” he shared.

Jimmy shared that the craziest thing he did at his own prom was rent a U-Haul and turn the back of the truck into a “little apartment” and had a keg with is friends. “Not regretting missing my prom,” Cena joked. “I’m making up for it now with my bride-to-be– I have dances all the time.”


Watch the clip below, and catch Cena’s new movie “Blockers” in theaters April 6.