John Mayer’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial is Weird, But Pretty Good

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I am one of the only females my age that could probably live without John Mayer (at least my friends my age). I appreciate his musical talents, but his attitude always kind of irked me– until recently. After taking some time off and removing himself from the spotlight, Mayer became funny.

Mayer’s most recent claim to hilarity came in the form of a smokey eye makeup tutorial.

Mayer shared on Instagram, “I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately asking when I’m going to do a smokey eye tutorial, so I’m going to do it tonight.”

Mayer then brilliantly shared that he had purchased a Chanel eyeshadow palet because he was doing a “study in color.”

From there, Mayer explained several times that you don’t need to buy extra brushes to apply eyeshadow– just use what comes with it.

“Notice how I’m already impressing you with my light touch…just keep applying that, I’m going heavier now because I’m getting bored, that happens,” he said.

As Mayer moved into the second color he reminded everyone that “your eyeball is round.”

About two-thirds of the way through his color study got a little off as he said, “here comes tan.”

Mayer got really real with it when he said, “it’s hard to know where to stop putting eyeshadow on.” Amen. Amen.

Finally, Mayer was finished and he said, “oh, I’m sorry– did somebody nail it?” And he didn’t not nail it.