John Stamos’ Son Steals the Show on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”


We all know that at 55 years of age, John Stamos is as hot as ever. But he may have some competition at the moment in the cuteness department, courtesy of his son Billy.

Indeed, the adorable little one joined his daddy on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (Oct. 31) dressed up as Mork from 70s show Mork and Mindy.

“Isn’t he just the most beautiful baby?” gushed Stamos, who currently stars on Fuller House along with the new Lifetime television show You. “I’m so in love.”

“This is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,” added Kimmel as Billy smiled away in his daddy’s arms. “You gotta make more of these.”

Not a bad idea, considering just how happy the family of three looks these days. Stamos married wife Caitlin McHugh in February of 2018, who was on hand on Wednesday to watch her hubby and son delight the audience on the late night talk show. Heck, even McHugh was in costume dressed up as Mindy from the much-loved television show.

To round out the family-friendly appearance was the fact that the man who officiated Stamos and McHugh’s wedding was even there – Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love!

“It was a great honor,” Love said. “I was very touched.”