John Travolta Explains His Mix Up with Taylor Swift at VMA’s— “It Was Cool”


John Travolta gets the joke. The 65-year-old actor has a sense of humor when it comes to his name trending on social media.

The latest incident came after John was a presenter at the MTV VMA awards. While on stage he was supposed to hand out the Video of the Year award to Taylor Swift, instead John mistook drag queen, Jade Jolie—who played Taylor in the “You Need to Calm Down” video—for Taylor and began to hand it to her, before realizing it wasn’t Taylor Swift. Naturally, social media went wild with the John Travolta gaffe.

However John, took it all in stride, explaining what happened during an interview with radio station Hot 93.3 on Thursday (Aug. 29).

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“There’s so many people that bombarded the stage, that I was looking for [Swift]. So the video has me trying to find her, and you know, I thought it was so funny the way it was interpreted, and it was cool, I didn’t care,” John shared,

The actor is well aware that his life in the spotlight is bound to get attention for anything he does. “If I shave my head it’s headlines,” he added. “If I mispronounce something, that’s headlines, and I know that about me.”

Jade Jolie was also “cool” about the mishap. She took to Instagram to joke about her special moment.

“😂😂🤷‍♀️❤️Almost got my first award tonight thanks to @johntravolta 😂😂😂😘😘😘,” she wrote in a post.

John’s only regret is that he didn’t go all in. He added that he should have gone all the way with giving Jade the award.

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“Sometimes I fantasize what if I had given it to [Jolie]? That would have been awesome,” he said. “I should have just gone all the way with it. I have a sense of humor about all of that. I always have because, look, we’re in pretty good shape on any given day that that kind of thing could make headlines.”

That works for us!