This Jonas Brothers’ Parody with James Corden Has Us in Stitches


It’s pretty much a fact that we live in some crazy times. But those times have a way of sounding even crazier when put into the lyrics of a song.

And that’s exactly what the Jonas Brothers just did.

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On the Tuesday (March 5) episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the Jonas Brothers showed up in bad wigs and funny t-shirts to sing a new song based on their hit “Year 3000.” Pretending that the year is 2006, the Jonas Brothers joined with talk show host James Corden to sing about life in 2019, a life that includes the fact that the guy from The Apprentice is president, we watch television on our phones and a fledgling wrestler is now a big time movie actor.

Some of the lyrics include:

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“He said I’ve been to the year 2019/ You won’t believe who the new president is / It’s the guy who hosts The Apprentice / It’s pretty weird, super weird / He showed us the future through the portal and we saw everything.”

 Fans will recall that the Jonas Brothers announced their return to music last week after a six-year hiatus. The band recently released their new song “Sucker” along with an accompanying music video for the song.