“Property Brothers” Star Jonathan Scott Talks Life After Heartbreak

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Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott found himself in the depths of heartbreak back in March of 2018 when his two-year relationship with girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov came to an end.

And now, over a year later, he is still battling a little bit of sadness.

“Regardless of what we had, I’ve come to terms with the fact that we were not right as life partners,” he says in a new interview with People magazine. “Though we don’t speak regularly, we are on good terms and both know we are there if needed.”

Just 8 months after their split, Kuznetsov reportedly got engaged to another man, Will Allen, which she shared in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

“Thank you for your friendship for six years, my love. I am grateful we figured it all out. And thank you for asking me to be your bff forever,” she said at the time.

Despite this, Scott still wonders what could have been.

“One of the things that drew me to Jacinta the most when we met was that she was fiercely independent,” recalls Scott, whose new show Forever Home premiered last Wednesday (May 29.)

“She wanted to accomplish a lot of things in her life, and that did not involve following a partner around on the road as they pursued their career. We agreed that it would not always be Jacinta who travels to me. We’d try to trade off 50-50. It didn’t take long before this became difficult and eventually impossible.”

These days, after taking some time away from the dating scene, Scott is focused on finding love again.

“I love to laugh,” the HGTV star says.  “A sense of humor is really important.”