“Property Brothers'” Jonathan Scott Breaks Down in Tears During Best Man Speech at Drew Scott’s Wedding


As Jonathon Scott’s heart continued to mend from his recent break-up with longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov, the Property Brothers star was thrust into the position of speaking at his brother Drew’s wedding – and he did it beautifully.

Yet, there still were tears.

“I wrote a couple things down, but pretty much I want to speak from the heart,” he said in a clip from the TLC Special Linda and Drew Say I Do which aired last Saturday (June 2.) “Of the billions of people in the world, how did you find this person who jives so well with you? Because you really jive with each other. “I have not been so fortunate in love, however,” he says, his voice cracking. He manages to get out, “I love the fact that you found each other. You will have highs and you will have lows, but always give each other the benefit of the doubt.”

The wedding, which actually took place on May 12, was still a gorgeous affair, with Drew and his new bride Linda Phan positively beaming with excitement over their big day. And in a weird way, the wedding also might have given Jonathon the inspiration he needed to find love once again.

“The special bond [Drew and Linda] have has given me hope,” Jonathon told PEOPLE Magazine. “There is such profound love and respect between the two of them. They really do make each other better people. And to see that bond now made official after, I believe, eight years, it just feels right.”