Josh Brolin Apologizes for “Irresponsible” Visit to Parents James Brolin and Barbra Streisand House

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Josh Brolin is apologizing for what he says was an irresponsible visit to his parents, James Brolin and stepmom Barbra Streisand’s house during the pandemic.

Barbra shared news of their visit on her Instagram account, sharing a photo of a sign the family made for Gamma and Grampa.

“I just love the sign that Josh and Kathryn painted yesterday when they came to see us with our little grandchild Westlyn! P.S. all of the flowers are now blooming on our wishing well — we are wishing with our hearts and minds for everybody to stay well!,” she wrote. The photo shows her daughter-in-law wearing a mask and standing outside a glass door holding up the sign.

From the looks of it, the family remained outside and did not go inside with Josh and Barbra, keeping a safe distance as they were socially distancing themselves.

However, some of the comments made warranted a response from Josh, who felt the need to apologize.

“My father lives next door to us and we had a plan to go see them and not be near them and that plan was broken and that is our responsibility,” Josh shared.”We were going to pick something up and show Bean the pool because we don’t have a pool and I think it was irresponsible. It’s hard to be honest sometimes, it’s hard to be honest and say, ‘Well maybe I screwed up.’ and I knew that was in the air.”

“The responses brought me back to my own truth. It’s humbling as hell because I know there are some people out there with no masks, no gloves, no interest in it, they think it’s in your head, that you’ll survive because of immunity that is created from your own psychic weight,” he continued. “But I know for me that’s not the case and we’ve been very responsible and I apologize about that. I don’t care about followers, I don’t care about Instagram, I don’t care about any of it. It’s a platform. I don’t feel responsible to it at all but I do feel responsible to my fellow man, period.

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“My apologies and I’m not an advocate of doing anything outside of taking care of each other and making sure that we get through this—even if we go overboard and are too protective. At least we’re doing it for a reason. We’ll look back on this as being a short time for a very long-term solution and a long life.”

The comments to Josh’s video shared the confusion of many. As the photos showed the family outside, many couldn’t understand what he did wrong.

“From what I could tell you guys didn’t break any rules. Perhaps I missed something. Regardless, this is a learning experience for all of us. We all have to just do the best we can,” shared one fan.

“But it looked like you were all far apart. Confused 🤷‍♀️,” added another.

“YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG BROTHER,” wrote another follower.

Apparently, Josh felt like he did and he wanted to get it off his chest.