Julianne Hough Celebrates Anniversary With Throwback Video of the Dance Her Bridesmaids Surprised Her With

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“Dancing with the Stars” judge Julianne Hough has seemingly been on cloud nine since marrying the love of her life Brooks Laich back on July 8, 2017. So it comes to no surprise that her one-year anniversary had the dancer reminiscing about her beautiful Idaho wedding, including the moment when she got the surprise of her life!

“One of my absolute FAVORITE moments from our wedding was this surprise dance from my friends and bridesmaids,” she wrote alongside a video posted on her YouTube page on Sunday (July 8.)

“A few years prior (before I was even engaged) I told Kristy that when I get married the only thing I want is for my best friends and bridesmaids to do a dance – she remembered and got all of my girls together, learned this dance by Kyle Hanagami from our MOVE BEYOND tour. During the whole weekend anytime I was doing something away from them they would all practice. They practiced when I went to sleep, they practiced on the boat going over to the ceremony (while Brooks and I were on our own), it was hysterical!”

Indeed, the video shows Hough’s elation over the moment, including the moment where she was surrounded by her friends. “When they sat me down on that chair, I was shocked, excited, overjoyed, emotional and about 10 other range of emotions,” she wrote. “This was truly one of the best surprises of my life!!!”

Aren’t sweet memories the best memories?