Julianne Hough’s Hubby Brooks Laich Shares TMI Secrets From Their Bedroom

Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough talk about sex habits in the bedroom
Photo courtesy Julianne Hough Instagram

Make no mistake – we are all for Julianne Hough and hubby Brooks Laich being completely open about their sex lives. But this time, they maybe have gone too far.

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Or maybe we are just not fans of the ole toe-sucking.

“I do that,” Laich said during a recent interview on the iHeartRadio podcast How Men Think. “My wife really enjoys it when I suck on her toes. True story. Hey, we play around. Why not?”


“No, I would never [have her do that to me],” the hockey player added when asked if she returns the, umm, favor. “My toes are in skates and workout shoes. I can shower and soap them up, but I would never.”

The sex life of these two has received much attention of late, with the America’s Got Talent judge recently revealing that she’s ‘not straight,’ but has chosen to be married to a man. The two have also been quite open about their efforts to have a baby, a struggle that is further complicated by Hough’s battles with endometriosis.

“The good thing is I found out that I had endometriosis when I did back in 2008 so I’ve been really lucky that I’m able to come across things that maybe could’ve been challenging in the future,” Julianne said. “But now that I know, and that I’ve had conversations with my doctor, we’re good.”

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“I like some dim lighting, candles on, music,” Laich went on to explain in the interview as to some more of his turn-ons. “I like that, but then also something specifically that really gets me in the mood would be when my wife wears lingerie. There’s an element of risqué, there’s an element of desire and lust and also a little space there. So if she wears lingerie but she’s just five or six feet away, or maybe she just walks around the bed a little back or walks back, just creates a little bit of space there, is something that’s very erotic for myself.”

Good to know.