Julianne Hough Hit in the Neck By Paula Abdul’s Flying Hat at Billboard Awards

Photo courtesy Julianne Hough Instagram

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night (May 1) were filled with one of a kind performance. But one show stopping performance that took us back to the 80’s was Paula Abdul’s medley of hits.

The 56-year-old singer and dancer performed hits like “Straight Up,” “(It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me,”  “Opposites Attract,” complete with MC Skat Kat, “Cold Hearted” and “Forever Your Girl.” But it was at the start of her performance that the singer ran into a little mishap.

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As Paula was making her way to the main stage, after beginning her performance on a smaller stage, she sang and danced her way down the aisle of the audience. When Paula got to the front of the stage, she decided to fling her hat into the crowd. However, the hat made a direct bee line right into Julianne Hough’s neck.

Julianne took it in stride and turned to the camera to continue dancing to Paula’s catchy number. Following the show, Julianne took to Twitter to share a photo of what happens when you get hit in the neck by Paula Abdul.

“The result of the honor of being hit in the neck by @PaulaAbdul’s flying hat! Love you, babe!!#BBMAs, she wrote alongside a photo her her in her BBMA attire with a neck brace on and two thumbs up.

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Paula reacted to the photo by reposting with her own comment.

“OMG IM PEEING MY PANTS!!!!! You know it was with love 🤣🤣 xoP,” Paula responded.

Paula was the bell of the ball even posing for a photo with Taylor Swift, who just had to get a photo with the music Icon.

“I’m trying to give them a normal upbringing but when the little ones and I ran into the flawless @paulaabdul on the way to red carpet we STRAIGHT UP had to get a pic,” she captioned the photo of her with Paula and her two cats Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button.

However, Paula later revealed to Access Hollywood on the red carpet, that she is allergic to the friendly felines.

“I’m allergic to cats!” Paula said “I love cats, but I’ve tried allergy shots. Certain dogs I’m allergic to as well. I’m thinking maybe I’m not as allergic as I used to be, because I did fine.”

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Oh, what a night.

Check out Paula’s dynamic performance at the Billboard Music Awards.