“This Is Us” Star Justin Hartley Once Had a Gun Pulled On Him While Dog-Sitting

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

As a star on the fictional show “This Is Us,” Justin Hartley never quite knows what situations he will find himself in on a weekly basis. But from the sounds of it, his real life has had its share of crazy and unexpected moments too.

During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Hartley told a story on Wednesday (Sept. 26) about the time when a woman actually pulled a gun on him while he was dog-sitting for a friend while attending Southern Illinois University.

As the story goes, Hartley ended up losing the dog after the German Shepard escaped through his window. After searching all over for the dog, he ended up finding the dog in how town.

“I found him all the way on the other side of Carbondale in this woman’s backyard,” Hartley recalled. “I went into her backyard, and I cornered the dog. The dog was kind of spooked. She comes out with a cordless phone with an antenna and a gun. I was like, ‘Ma’am.’ … I was like, ‘That’s a dog’ and explained.”

“So you and the dog are both spooked,” Fallon said. “That should be a movie.”

You just never know.Someday, it might be!