Justin Timberlake’s Son Silas is Already Singing “Filthy,” But He Can’t Pronounce Rs, So


Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Filthy” has definitely been the topic of many conversations over the last few days. The song is the first single from JT’s first full-length album since 2013 and the video for the tune featured a really sexy robot doing some filthy things, if you will.

While discussing the tune with Mario Lopez and wife Jessica Biel, Justin shared that son Silas has heard the tune and already knows some of the lyrics. Kind of.

JT said, “we let him listen to it four times in a row this morning and he walked up to the mirror and said, ‘haters gonna say it’s fake, so Weal…’ and I was like, ‘man…when that R kicks in, you’re going to have it.'”

As long as he’s not trying to dance like that robot, we don’t care.