Reality Star Kate Gosselin Looking for Love As She Gets Back into the Dating Game

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Kate Gosselin talks dating life on Kate plus date reality series
Photo courtesy Kate Gosselin Instagram

In the years following her divorce from her husband Jon Gosselin back in 2009, reality star Kate Gosselin has devoted her time and attention to raising her eight children.

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But now, it’s time to devote sometime to herself and her search for love.

“The feeling of going on dates, if you put it in one word, is vulnerable, and I’ve avoided everything that involves feeling vulnerable,” Kate says in a preview about her new show Kate Plus Date, which debuted on Monday (June 10.). “And I now realize that one of those things was dating.”

On the show, that will air Mondays on TLC, Gosselin will work with professional matchmakers to go out on dates with 10 guys, picking 2 to go on second dates with.

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“Mr. Right has not, you know, ding dong rung my doorbell,” the 44-year-old says during a promo for the show. “To me it’s like okay, well in natural life I’m not going to meet someone. I’m not doing the internet dating thing — that scares the living daylights out of me. It’s been so long since I’ve had a companion. That’s such a foreign concept to me. Before I decide to grow old alone, I should probably give it a pretty decent shot of looking around for someone.”