Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About Finding Love Again Following Death of Husband Frank Gifford

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In 2015, Kathie Lee Gifford ‘s husband Frank Gifford died as a result of natural causes at the age of 84. So, when asked recently if the former NFL player was the love of her life, her answer even surprised her.

“So far,” she answered.

Indeed, during a recent interview, it was this answer that seemed to show that Gifford might be open to falling in love again. And while she won’t say if anyone is currently in the picture, she does seem to imply that she is certainly open to it.

“I have found love at different times of my lifetime,” Gifford says in the recent interview. “I’ve been in love four times of my life and I’ve been married twice.”

Gifford went on to say that she finds herself in a good place right now.

“I’m healthy, I’m relatively young and I feel better than I have in years,” says Gifford, who is also celebrating the release of a new music video for “Once Again,” the second single from her upcoming movie, “Then Came You.” “I think I look better than I have in years because I take better care of myself.”

So for now, she will wait to see what God has waiting for her.

“I think I’ve learned to trust my gut,” she concludes. “I try to do what comes naturally to me within the confines of what I know to be right morally.”