Katy Perry Looks Like She’s Ready To Be Done With “American Idol”


The build up for the rebooted “American Idol” has gone on for way too long. We have passed peak excitement and are not on the downward slide where people just hope it’s not terrible. What’s worse is that the hosts seem less than excited to be there. I mean, the producers are already having the hosts pull half-assed viral pranks on each other. Our concern was confirmed when Katy Perry went to visit Jimmy Kimmel. She said some nice things, but mostly looks done with it all.

When asked about the new season, Perry responded, “Honestly, Lionel Richie is on the show and Luke Bryan is a country star who is amazing.”

Good start. Those are two true things.

She went on to explain how she and Luke Bryan pull pranks on Lionel with whoopie cushions, which no they don’t. No one does that. When she joked that they are “ruining his legacy” the crowd partially laughed but mostly made cringey sounds like they were watching someone make bad decisions on “The Bachelor.”


Perry kept things interesting, appearing to still believe in the platform of Idol, but kept blaming her disinterest on being hungover. And then she kept bringing it up. Unprompted. Over and over. Look, if your hungover, fine. It happens. But it almost felt like she was trying to convince everyone she was by shouting about it. Hungover people don’t shout.

Now we’re just plain nervous about this reboot.