Katy Perry Sets Her Sights On Yet Another Male “American Idol” Contestant

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We’re beginning to think Katy Perry agreed to be a judge on “American Idol” so she could snag a boyfriend. We’re pretty sure the superstar, with stunning good looks, has a gaggle of men at her beck and call.However, on Sunday night’s (April 8) episode, Katy was looking to add one more guy to her list.

The “Firework” singer made it clear that she had set her sights on Top 24 contestant, Cade Foehner. His solo performance of Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower,” had Katy liking what she saw and heard.

The California natives reaction to Cade’s performance had fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan holding her back from bum-rushing the stage .

“Are we allowed to show this on ABC? Oh my gosh is this rock ‘n roll?  I saw some things that my minister parents had to shutter,” Katy said. To which Cade replied, “I’m a minister too, so it’s ok.”

“You sure are a minister and you can preach to me anytime you want,” she retorted as the crowd cheered. The 33-year-old pop star proceeded to remove her jacket and head in Cade’s direction. Luckily, Lionel was able to intercept her a second time.

Meanwhile, if you remember early on, Katy turned on the charm and flirted mercilessly with Trevor Holmes, whose girlfriend accompanied him to the audition. And we can’t forget the trick kiss she pulled on Benjamin Glaze, who had never kissed a girl before. Apparently, he didn’t like it.

But Katy’s just having some good ole-fashioned fun with these guys and we’re not going to stand in the way of her “Teenage Dream.”