Katy Perry Says She and Luke Bryan Are Like Brother and Sister and Lionel Richie is Their Uncle

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As the “American Idol” reboot prepares to launch, we’re learning more and more about the relationships between judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

Lionel and Luke have actually been friends for years and surprisingly, Luke counts Lionel as one of his biggest musical influences. So, to anyone who knows that it would seem that Katy would be on the outside looking in a little bit, but she says that’s not the case.

During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Katy said she and Luke kind of torture Lionel, “Luke Bryan and I are like brother and sister and Lionel is kind of like our uncle… we respect Lionel about as much as his kids respect him, which is not a lot… you know, we’re ruining his legacy.”

Don’t worry, Katy gets it and knows that Lionel is still relevant, “He’s literally so smooth. He has this glow and this glisten about him. He’s kind of this uncle you want in your house telling you all these wonderful, important stories.”

And when it comes to the new season, Katy final answered the age-old question– should contestants sing a song by the judges– “That’s a bit of a lion’s den, Roman Colosseum trap. It’s just that, no offense, we’ve sang it over 10,000 times and unless you can reinterpret it, like we don’t need our bum-bums to be kissed on this show. We’re really looking for instant, identity talent.”



“American Idol” is back on Sunday, March 11.