Katy Perry and Mariah Carey Just Had the Most Epic Twitter Exchange EVER


I’m no expert on Mariah Carey, but if I was really keeping score, I could say with certainty that throughout her career Mariah hasn’t always been the most down-to-earth person. At times, it’s understandable because it has to be hard to be that successful and that rich, right? Right, sure.

Recently, Katy Perry took to Twitter to address one of the many outlandish rumors she has heard about Mimi and to everyone’s surprise– Mariah confirmed the rumor.

Katy tweeted, “One time I heard a rumor that Mariah Carey used to have puppies backstage at her request to make her feel happy and this is making my pop star dreams fully come true.”

And not only did Mariah reply, she shot back with a quote from “Mean Girls,” the most basic, down-to-earth thing a girl can do.

Even better– this exchange came just days after an “American Idol” contestant tried to go Mariah’s famous whistle tones and Katy shut her down.

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