Kelly Clarkson Met Cher and Had the Most Relatable Reaction Ever


When you’re a major A-List celebrity, it’s probably rare that you find yourself starstruck by another Hollywood elite. But when it comes to Cher, the limit as to which you will fangirl over her does not exist.

Kelly Clarkson took to her Instagram after attending the Kennedy Center Honors to share a photo alongside Cher on the red carpet. “I met Cher!!!” she started. “My life is better than anyone else’s today!”

As Kelly was doing an interview with Extra TV, she noticed Cher was right behind her, also doing an interview.

“I hear Cher she’s right behind me right now, I can’t even talk about it. I’ve never mete her,” Kelly told the reporter urging him not to do anything. “I’m such a big fan. I’m here for Reba but finding out Cher was here was like a major plus.”

As Cher ended her interview, the reporter told Kelly to turn around saying, “she’s right there,” and called out Cher’s name. That’s when the first-time meeting took place.

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Kelly was so nervous she kept talking and talking and talking, as Cher revealed she was equally pleased to meet Kelly.

Hi, I’m Kelly Clarkson. I never met you,” Kelly began. “I’ve been talking about you the whole time going, ‘she’s right behind me.’ I’m a big fan, obviously everyone is here. Ok, I’m gonna stop talking. I get very nervous.”

“I’m so happy to meet you,” Cher said grabbing Kelly’s hands.

“Oh my God. I’m so proud of you all. I’m here singing for Reba but I was like, ‘can I sing for Cher too. I want to sing for Cher too.’

After the meeting took place all Kelly could say was, “Oh my God. I’m sweating even more. I’m sweating,” she said. I’ve won in life right now. This is like when I met Meryl Streep, it’ so great.”

Cher was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Kennedy Center Honors alongside Wayne Shorter and Philip Glass.

While at the Kennedy Center Honors, Kelly had the opportunity to give a touching and emotional tribute to Reba McEntire as she also received a lifetime achievement honor. “Reba knows I’m not excited about this – I hate giving speeches, but I love her so much that I’m gonna do it,” Kelly said during her speech.

“If we’re all being honest, sometimes when we meet our heroes it doesn’t always pan out how you hope but meeting Reba, being friends with her and eventually becoming family, has been one of the highlights of my life – truly,” she said.

“Thank you so much, Reba for listening to me vent as an artist. Thank you so much for comforting me on the phone through my tears like a friend,” she added, choking up. “And thank you for being a really rad grandma for my kids. I love you so much. I hope you enjoy this song. Don’t judge me.”