Kelly Clarkson’s New Multi-Language Single, “I Dare You,” is Just What the World Needs


Although the world is facing an incredible health crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are rays of light and sources of inspiration coming all over the planet in the most creative ways. And Kelly Clarkson has found a way to create a unified moment in music, “I Dare You,” that is just what our battle-scarred earth needs.

Kelly announced her new collaboration on Instagram and explained that the song was about love, in all of its forms, in the face of adversity and choosing to love instead of fear. But Kelly, an incredibly gifted singer who was trained in opera, took the song a step farther by recording it with artists from around the world…in their native tongue.

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In addition to an English version, Kelly also recorded with Blas Canto from Murica, Spain; Carolin for Glasperlenspiel from Berlin, Germany; Faouzia from Manitoba, Canada (representing Morocco); Zaz from Paris, France; and Maya Buskila from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Now, Kelly isn’t a multi-linguist. She actually learned the song in the various languages in order to be able to perform with the artists. That meant a lot of translating and a lot of practice.

All of the versions of “I Dare You” are available online, along with lyric videos in each language. However, the composite video that shows each of the artists recording the song with Kelly in their own home and their own tongue is a glorious global mash-up.