Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter River Rose Stars in New Video For “Broken & Beautiful”


Kelly Clarkson is making the new video for her current single, “Broken & Beautiful” a family affair. The The Voice coach has enlisted the help of her eldest child River Rose to make the video shine.

“Broken & Beautiful” also stars her character,  Moxy, from the upcoming film Uglydolls. The 36-year-old voices the lead role of Moxy in the film based on the characters from the plush doll franchise.

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In the video, River Rose can be seen helping her mom Kelly get ready for a stage performance. The little actress does a great job touching up her mom’s makeup. While all that is going on, Moxy, Kelly’s animated character, sneaks backstage and is chased by security as she hitches a ride on a rolling cart. Kelly’s daughter sees this and is delighted that Moxy made it in.

As Kelly hits the stage, Moxy escapes through the rafters and shimmies down a rope to join Kelly for the song. Of course Moxy is welcome to the stage as River Rose gives her the biggest and brightest smile. The storyline is interspersed with scenes from the upcoming film.

The upbeat song, co-written by P!nk, Johnny McDaid, Marshmello and Steve Mac, has Kelly singing empowering lyrics about being strong but broken and the broken part is just as beautiful.

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I know I’m superwoman / I know I’m strong /  I know I’ve got this cause I’ve had it all along / I’m phenomenal and I’m enough / I don’t need you to tell me who to be / can someone just hold me? / don’t fix me / don’t try to change a thing / can someone just know me / ’cause underneath I’m broken and it’s beautiful / I’m broken and it’s beautiful / I’m broken and it’s beautiful,” she sings in the chorus.

“Broken & Beautiful,” will be featured on the Uglydolls soundtrack, available for pre-order now. UglyDolls hits theaters on May 3.