Kelly Clarkson Passionately Speaks Out on the Current State of Country Music and She’s Spot-On

Kelly Clarkson speaks out about country music and radio
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There are plenty of country music fans who are less than thrilled with the direction that country music has taken in the past ten years. Generally speaking, gone are foundational instruments like fiddle, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin and dobro, as well as songs that tell stories, that are uniquely different from each other, and that simultaneously have a strength and a vulnerability. And one of those fans who is extremely fired up about the absence of country music on country radio is country’s first cousin, pop star Kelly Clarkson.

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During a Facebook Live to promote her upcoming daytime talk show, the effervescent and incredibly honest singer went on a tirade about the current state of what is now called “country music.”

“Country music is gone. Like, I don’t know who’s making it, but there might be four people,” she said laughing. “Let me show you this list of the top 20 which, by the way, did not include one female. I’m not even in the country music industry, I’m not even trying to get played on country radio. Here’s the thing, I just love country music. What’s the sound we like again because it’s not what you’re playing on the country radio. I’m mad about it, that’s right, because I’m a fan. Everybody’s mad!”

Kelly then went off on a hot button topic in the format. “Y’all don’t play people with boobs either. It’s fine,” she said. “What happened? The 90s were filled with, you want me to go off on, like, how many women were so monumental in my…Like, I’m a singer, I’m not even in country music and I was so inspired by Reba, Trisha, Patty, I mean, I could keep going. Martina, Terri, I mean, there is so many, The Judds, Wynonna, like, there’s so many women. Dolly, Shania. What is happening in country music? Anyway…”

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And with that, she offered up a punctuating snap and turned away.

Whether you agree or not, it’s great to hear someone stand up so passionately for what they believe in without name-calling, cursing, or throwing anyone else under the bus.