Kelly Clarkson Adorably Watches Fan Covers of Her Hit Songs [Watch]


Kelly Clarkson brought a few lucky fans to tears after listening to their covers of a few of her hits like “Breakaway,” “Heartbeat Song,” “Since U Been Gone,” and “Miss Independent.”

Proving how much she cares about her supporters, Kelly truly listened to five of her fans covers and had nothing but amazingly sweet comments to share about each. 

The first fan cover was by a young girl named Capri singing “Breakaway,” and it was instantly clear how much Kelly enjoyed Capri’s take on the song.

“I love it! It sounds great— because I grew up singing Opera so I had to really work on like style and like really just finding my voice emotionally, rather than technically. You have a gift of that, which is awesome,” Kelly told her. “I love how much air you’re pushing through because it makes it sound breathy and cool— like a really cool whisper, but like really strong and powerful.”

When Capri heard Kelly’s comments on her cover, she broke down in tears because of how much the sweet words meant to her.

Another performance that stuck out to Kelly was by a girl named Chloe, who brought some punk rock to “Heartbeat Song.” The young fan had a Back to the Future poster on her wall behind her, and Kelly really appreciated her style.

Kelly commented, “Oh my gosh, she’s like a mix of me and Avril Lavigne!”

Kelly even went so far as to say, “Okay, why does Chloe not have a deal? If you try out for The Voice, I will turn around.”

We can only hope Chloe takes her word for it and heads to the next The Voice audition!