Kermit the Frog and Pepé Take On Miss Piggy and Beaker in Hilarious Drop The Mic Battle

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Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have been known to go head to head over the years, but add in Pepe and Beaker and you’ve got an epic Drop the Mic battle. The first Muppets to ever enter the battle arena.

True to form, Kermie kicked off the rap battle saying nice things. What? That’s not the point of the battle. You are supposed to rip your opponent to shreds. Kermit said

“Let’s all play fair and try to have a good time,” Kermit rapped. “Also Miss Piggy working with you was rough cause you’re so talented you show the rest of us up.”

“Is he serious, does he know how this game is supposed to be played,” Miss Piggy said.

Kermit’s partner Pepé chimed in saying, “What kind of rap is this? Why you saying nice things?”

That’s when Miss Piggy got the mic and gave it all to her green friend. “Joshua, let’s show them how it’s done.”

“Kermit what was that you even trying to compete, we on drop the mic, not Sesame Street,” she began. But then Piggy got even nastier. “When I serve you, it won’t be breakfast with eggs, my menu has just one item shrimp and frog legs,” she rapped.

No she didn’t.

Pepé then took over and really gave it to Miss Piggy and poor little Beaker. While Kermit urged everyone to be nice, it only got worse from there. You wouldn’t believe what Beaker had to say. Apparently, he got very offensive.

Pepé later turned on his partner, Kermit the Frog. “What’s your problem Kermit, your rapping’s a joke,” he said. “This is all your fault frog, you’re gonna make our team croak.”

Miss Piggy had the line of the night. “I’m too good for this battle, the only one with class so all of you muppets can kiss my (beeeeeep).”

In the end, the crowd and the final decision maker, Method Man, gave the win to Miss Piggy and Beaker. Well done!