Kim Kardashian Asked if She Should Watch “This Is Us” and Lots of People Responded


You know, stars are just like us. If you’re the type of person who tweets out to your 59 million followers and asks if “This Is Us” is worth watching.


So, if you’ve ever done that, you’re a lot more like Kim Kardashian than you think. Though the show has been all the rage for the last year-and-a-half, it’ been even more in the spotlight since Jack’s death by fire by Crockpot episode. And Kim still hasn’t seen it, so she asked, “I’m starting to watch This Is Us. Who watches it? Is it good?”

Kim’s tweet got over 3,000 responses, including from Justin Hartley/Kevin and Teenage Kate. Justin told her that, “I watch it. I think it’s worth a look. If it were me, I would watch it from the beginning. A good time to start if you ask me. Not too along in the series yet enough episodes to binge if you feel. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…”

Teenage Kate gave her a lot of info, but mostly that the show would give her “all the feels.” She also offered to babysit.

But, really, the best response came from the show’s account. Boom. Roasted.