Kim Kardashian West and Freed Inmate Alice Johnson Finally Met Face-to-Face

The Today Show

At any other time, there was a very good chance that the paths of Kim Kardashian West and Alice Johnson would never cross and her life sentence for drug possession and money-laundering would have continued until her final breath.

Yet, this is no ordinary time, and their paths are far from ordinary.

 In a sit-down interview with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb just a week after Johnson was released from prison after Kardashian convinced President Trump to commute her life sentence, the two unlikely friends discussed just how their relationship changed both of their lives,

“I mean, I think to some people it might seem like, ‘Okay, Kim made a phone call to the president, showed up,’” said West, who first learned about Johnson’s story last year and tweeted about her concern for her well-being soon after.“We had been in talks and working on this for seven months. And it wasn’t an instant thing. It was a lot of work. I knew that I had the resources to do that. It became this mission that I just didn’t want to give up.”

And would you believe that Johnson had never heard of Kardashian before?

 “As soon as I found out who she was, I started getting every magazine I could find,” Johnson said. “I started reading everything that I could about her. And everyone was amazed. And I was amazed, too.”