Kim Kardashian West Wins $2.7 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Fast Fashion Company

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Fashion retailer Missguided is singing the blues. The fast fashion company has to fork over $2.7 million dollars to style guru Kim Kardashian West for using her name and image without her permission.

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The reality star filed a lawsuit against Missguided earlier this year for using her likeness without permission to sell their copycat designs. It seemed to all have started when Kardashian West posted a photo on Instagram in a original gold dress that husband Kanye West made for her. In the caption, West stated, “P.S. fast fashion brands, can you please wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off?”

But apparently, Missguided didn’t heed West’s words. Within two hours, the company had a knockoff of the dress on their Instagram with a menacing caption and actually tagged West: “The devil works hard but Missguided works harder @KimKardashian. You’ve only got a few days before this drops online” The brand’s Instagram post has been deleted.

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Using a celebrity’s likeness to sell a product is big business. But when company’s cut corners, it becomes big business for lawyers. Rihanna won her own lawsuit back in 2013 against TopShop, a British multinational fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories for using her likeness on tee shirts without her permission.

In the end, according to The Fashion Law, the Right of Publicity prevents the” unauthorized commercial use of an individual’s name, likeness, or other recognizable aspects of one’s persona.”

That’s a pretty pricey lesson to learn.