Kristen Bell Says She and Dax Shepard Will Never Break Up Because “Even When He’s Annoying, I Still Really Like Him”


Per the usual, Kristen Bell is bringing the truth when it comes to Hollywood marriages and her perspective on all those #goals hashtags.

During an interview with E!, Kristen was asked if she and husband Dax Shepard feel pressure from the public when it comes to keeping their marriage together, “Well I’ll tell you this, I highly doubt we will ever break up because we’re just…we’re in too deep and I like him too much. Even when he’s annoying I really like him. I’m still like, ‘I still wanna be on the porch with you when I’m 80, but I really need you to get out of my face right now.'”

But, really, Kristen brought the truth when it comes to things like saying “love is dead” when you hear your favorite celebrity couple has broken up.

Kristen explained, “But I also think we’re not looking at the whole picture when we sort of idolize the relationship. Like those two, that may be a better path for both of them and they’re both lovely people and they’re still friends and that’s OK.”