11 Disgusting Things I Learned About Pregnancy From Kristen Bell

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I’m not a mom, but I spent a lot of time with my friends and their kids. Still, no matter how much time I spend around mothers, the things they tell me about their body and all the things that happen during and after pregnancy are kind of insane.

Luckily for me and people everywhere, Kristen Bell is taking on motherhood education for “The Ellen Show.”

During episode of 1 of Momsplaining, Kristen touched on pregnancy and learning what really happens. Kristen even took an expectant mother to her OB/GYN to ask questions.

Here are just a number of things we learned from Kristen:

  1. Vaginas don’t break during childbirth.
  2. Your water may break or you may have just peed on yourself a little.
  3. C-sections look like autopsies.
  4. It takes 6 weeks for your body to recover from giving birth.
  5. Perineum massages are important.
  6. You should take as much as possible from the hospital, like– mesh underwear, pads, and the big mugs.
  7. Babies smell really good.
  8. Kristen explained that giving birth is like trying to put a watermelon through a ponytail holder.
  9. Babies look “so busted” when they first come out.
  10. It’s weird that you know your baby, but they are actually a stranger.
  11. Babies will one day grow-up to resent you.