Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Navigate Through Marriage Troubles


Marriage is hard— we all know it. While visiting Access Live, Kristin Cavallari revealed that her relationship with Jay Cutler is not always paradise. The couple has had to put in some work to navigate the waters— just like any couple.

After Jay was released from the Chicago Bears and Kristin’s brand, Uncommon James, started to take off, Kristin says their relationship dynamic was thrown for a loop. 

“It’s been kind of an interesting dynamic, you know? We completely switched roles,” she said. “He, of course, was playing football, and I was living his life. As soon as he retired, my career really picked up with Uncommon James, my lifestyle brand, and the show and everything else. It’s been interesting to navigate and try to figure out this new life that we’re living!”

Kristin went on to boast about her husband: “He’s the only person that I’ve ever met in my entire life, who truly does not care what anybody else thinks. It’s kinda refreshing, I have to say. And, great for reality TV obviously.”

On their show, Very Cavallari, the couple has a comical chemistry. Kristin is very focused and caring, while the same cannot be said about Jay. He seemingly does not have a care in the world— he’s stubborn, witty, and totally himself. While Kristin started out as the star of the show, Jay has wormed his way into all of our hearts.

When the host questioned Kristin about her marriage, she shed light on any confusion towards any trouble. She explains that juggling three children and such drastic changes in their everyday lives has pushed them into “a bit of a funk.”

“I mean we’re fine. Like, we’re all good,” she stated.