NASCAR’s Kyle Busch Shares IVF Plans to Conceive Second Child with Wife Samantha

Kyle Busch and wife
Courtesy Kyle Busch Instagram

Much like countless other couples in the country, NASCAR’s Kyle Busch and wife Samantha have long been open about their challenges with infertility. Now parents to son Brexton, the two recently headed to their respective Instagram pages to let fans know about another turn in their journey to have more children.

“We’re so excited (and scared, hopeful, full of emotion) to be sharing this news and bringing you all along on this journey with us,” Samantha wrote on her Instagram on Tuesday (Oct. 2) alongside a video in which the two announced that they would once again be turning to IVF treatments to conceive their second child.

And this time, they are hoping for a little girl!

“The reason that we are sharing all of this is that over the past few years we have heard all of your stories and we feel like you guys really opened up to us and we are a community,” says Samantha, who is set to star in CMT’s reality show Racing Wives next year. “We want to be really open this time and show you all the shots and the medicines and everything that goes into it.”

Samantha also expressed some of the very personal pain that comes with having to struggle to get pregnant.

“Infertility sucks,” she says. “Everyone else can get pregnant easily. I mean, have a glass of wine, have sex and everyone has a baby, but for those of you that are like us, you know that it doesn’t always work out that way.”