Lady Gaga Brings Bradley Cooper On Stage For Surprise Performance of “Shallow” [Watch]

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If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born,” prepare for waterworks! During a recent show in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga surprised fans in the audience with an appearance from her “A Star is Born” co-star, Bradley Cooper.

While him simply coming on stage for a quick hug with Lady Gaga was seemingly enough to make the crowd go wild, fans were shocked when Cooper actually got in front of the microphone to sing the movie’s hit duet, “Shallow.”

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Adorably, Cooper admitted he had never used in-ears as Lady Gaga helped him get situated. Then, making it look as effortless as ever, Cooper sang the now-so familiar lyrics, “Tell me something, girl…” as the audience erupted in cheers.

Lady Gaga even appeared to get emotional as she kneeled next to Cooper while he sang before moving to her piano to complete the performance.

In an exclusive interview with One Country’s Kelly Sutton, Bradley Cooper opened up about what it was like working alongside Lady Gaga. “I wouldn’t have worked so hard if I didn’t think she was the one and that she could do it,” he said.

“It pushed me because I just knew how great she is and knew everything else needed to be completely authentic because she’s the real deal.”

Gaga’s talent aside, Cooper said it was her as a person that drew him in.

“When I met her and saw how present she was in her eyes and her face— I thought as long as I can capture her truth, we’re going to be okay.”