Lana Del Rey Asks For Help With Stolen Family Mementos

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Lana Del Rey family mementos stolen over holiday
Photo courtesy Lana Del Rey Instagram

The holidays were not so bright for Land Del Rey and her family. The singer shared the news that some “family mementos” were stolen and she’s asking for them back.

After Christmas, Lana posted a message on Twitter asking her fans for help in the return of the stolen items.

“Hoping everyone had a great holiday — wanted to make a quick announcement,” she wrote. “This week, family mementos including my sisters entire retrospective were taken,” she said in regards to sister Chuck Grant, who is a professional photographer. “I’d love to encourage whoever took it to please consider sending any of the scans of her previous work back to to us for a no questions asked reward.

She added, “The work we lost can’t be reproduced and exists nowhere but where it was. Thanks so much.”

Lana’s sister has photographed Lana for her albums over the years including Ultraviolence,  Lust for Life, and , Norman F***ing Rockwell!

Fans came out in droves, commenting with their support on her Tweet.

“I hope you guys find it! That’s so beyond messed up and I’m so sorry sending you good vibes and good luck for the new year!,” one user said.

People suck. Hope they are returned. Love you! @LanaDelRey,” added another. 

Lana recently shared a video from the shoot that she was dog with her sister for the current album.

“Had the best time shooting with my sister and my friends, f***ing around in a rented cop car in an abandoned parking lot. We’re weirdos don’t mind us.”