Liam Hemsworth Has Filed for Divorce from Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth files for divorce from Miley Cyrus
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The final chapter in the love story of Miley Cyrus and hubby Liam Hemsworth was written Wednesday (August 21) when Hemsworth officially filed for divorce in Los Angeles.

And now, we may know some of the reasons why.

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“She just got to the point where she didn’t want to hold back about who she is,” a source close to Cyrus tells PEOPLE in a new interview. “She wants to be true to herself. Being with Liam, this was just not possible. For them to be happy, she had to change as a person too much. She knows not being with Liam will make her happier in the long run.”

Indeed, on the surface, these two couldn’t seem more different than one another. Nevertheless, the two still found a way to make it work on and off for over 10 years since first meeting on the set of The Last Song in 2009.

But heck, that doesn’t make any of this easier on Cyrus.

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“She didn’t expect it and is a bit disappointed, but she is still doing well and has obviously moved on as well,” the insider says. “What she and Liam had for a long time was very special. It’s just hard for her to think that she will never have this again with Liam. There are really so many things that she loves about him.”

We wish everyone involved the best moving forward.