Liam Hemsworth Talks Wife Miley’s “CGI” Wedding Ring [Watch]


On the G’day USA awards, not all the attention was on Liam Hemsworth as he was accepting his award. No— it was on his wife, Miley Cyrus’ bling.

While visiting with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Liam Hemsworth discusses not only his new film Isn’t It Romantic, but also his wife’s wedding ring that popped on camera.

Even Jimmy Fallon noticed the incredible jewel, he questioned, “What kind of rock did you get her, man? Holy moly.” Liam admits, “I thought it was CGI when I first saw that. I was convinced that it was CGI because it did a full-on, just bing!” 

Jimmy questioned if, perhaps, Miley has some magical powers that she’s hiding. The Bling on Miley’s finger is not the only that impressed Jimmy. Liam’s new rom-com, Isn’t It Romantic, did not disappoint the host.

The movie is starring Rebel Wilson. Her character is in the subway and gets mugged; she falls down and hits her head, and once she wakes up she finds herself in a PG-13 romantic comedy.

Liam reveals, “It’s not your typical one, though. I think that the film is more about falling in love with yourself and empowering yourself; and not about falling in love with someone else, which is a cool thing, I think.”

He goes on to describe his character, and he spills that there is a big dance number at the end of the movie; which, he tried to get out of, but ended up giving in— and enjoyed it!

Isn’t It Romantic hits theaters on February 13th.