Liam Hemsworth Scares Miley Cyrus Again…and He’ll “Never Stop”


Liam Hemsworth has enjoyed posting videos of himself scaring his new wife Miley Cyrus over and over again. While it pisses Miley off, Liam and the rest of us think it is hilarious.

Well the handsome actor did it again. Liam took to Instagram to share another “gem” that he came across and we can’t stop laughing. Poor Miley.

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“Came across this little gem. 😂 I’ll never stop ;) ❤️❤️, he captioned video. We hope he never does.

Chris is in the drivers seat of their vehicle as he films Miley entering the ATV. Miley is skeptical at first, knowing her husband has something up his sleeve.

“Jump on in,” Liam says.

“Uh- uh,” Miley replies.

“Yeah, jump on in,” he says again.

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Miley finally does and the couple drives for a bit. That’s when it happens. Liam screams and steps on the brake, scaring Miley again. Even though she knew it was coming, she still gets scared. This will never stop being funny, at least to us and Liam.

Miley and Liam tied the knot on December 23 after being together on and off for 10 years. The couple shared photos on Instagram 3 days later with a simple caption that read, “10 years later …..”