‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Apologizes For Using Nude Photo To Call for Justice in Breonna Taylor Case

Lili Reinhart apologizes for insensitve post
Photo by Tammie Arroyo-GG19 / AFF-USA.COM

Actress Lili Reinhart, best known for her role as Betty Cooper on The CW teen drama series Riverdale, has taken to social media to apologize for a recent inappropriate post.

Lili’s original Tweet, which has since been deleted but captured by Twitter users, shared a nude photo of the actress, who is seated sideways on the beach with her private areas covered up. In the caption, she addressed the murder of Breonna Taylor, who was killed when Police Officers, executing a no-knock search warrant, entered her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. Gunfire was exchanged, because Breonna’s boyfriend believed they were intruders, and eight of the 21 shots fired killed Breonna as she lay in bed. The officers have yet to be charged.

“Now that my sideboob has gotten your attention,” she wrote in the post. “Breonna Taylor’s murderers have not been arrested. Demand justice.”

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After receiving backlash from the post, Lili deleted the offensive post and offered and apology.

“I’ve always tried to use my platform for good,” she wrote in a Tweet. “And speak up about things that are important to me. I also can admit when I make a mistake and I made a mistake with my caption. It was never my intent to insult anyone and I’m truly sorry to those that were offended.”

In a subsequent post she added, “I’ve tried very hard to be honest on my IGTV lives that I’m still learning and trying to be better. But I understand that my caption came off as tone deaf. I truly had good intentions and did not think it through that it could come off as insensitive.”

Words of support and encouragement followed Lili’s apology post.

“it’s wonderful to see someone apologize for their mistakes, i think that’s why I like you. we’re all learning everyday so today, i’m proud of you,” wrote one follower.

“we are all learning every day and people have to realize that lili is a human being who can make mistakes but we have to praise lili’s commitment and dedication over the years she talks about the themes that are important and that have changed and change my life,” added another.

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Lili began her career guest starring in the television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, before starring in  films such as Lilith, Miss Stevens, The Good Neighbor and Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez. Riverdale is currently renewed for a fifth season.