Lisa Marie Presley Grateful to be Alive Following Struggle With Addiction


Lisa Marie Presley has long been known as a woman of strength. Yet, when the claws of opioids and painkillers take their hold, even the strongest can grow weak.

“You may read this and wonder how, after losing people close to me, I also fell prey to opioids,” wrote Presley in the foreword of the book The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain by author Harry Nelson, perhaps referring to the addictions of her father Elvis Presley and her ex-husband Michael Jackson.

Presley goes on to tell the story of having her twins Vivienne and Finley back in 2008, and being given a prescription of opioids to help her handle the pain.

“Even in recent years, I have seen too many people I loved struggle with addiction and die tragically from this epidemic,” Presley says in the book and reported by Yahoo. “It is time for us to say goodbye to shame about addiction. We have to stop blaming and judging ourselves and the people around us… That starts with sharing our stories.”

Saying that she is grateful to be alive, Presley says that it is the love of her family that has allowed her to come out on the other side.

“As I write this, I think of my four children, who gave me the purpose to heal,” says Presley, who is also the mom of Riley Keough and Benjamin Keogh.