Lizzo Strips All the Way Down in Naked Photo Shoot


Just when we thought we saw everything from Lizzo, she shows us more. The singer/rapper took to Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 1) to share a few photos of herself completely naked. Why? Why not.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, Lizzo’s long black hair covered just the right spots. So while her privates are hidden, the “Good as Hell” singer showed off everything else. Posed luxoriously on an reddish-orange couch, the singer lounged about and even bent over the couch for a shot before sitting atop the back of the couch.

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“Paint me like ya French bitch 🎨,” she wrote in the caption.

Following her post of the photos, Lizzo then shared a video of her nekkid self crawling toward the camera is a sexy fashion. “Omw!… “was her caption. She most certainly is on her way.

The rising star leads the way for the 2020 Grammy Awards with 8 nominations including Best New Artist, Album of the Year (Cuz I Love You) and Song of the Year (“Truth Hurts”).

To quote her No.1 hit “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo is “100% that B#@*h.”

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Paint me like ya French bitch 🎨

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Omw…. 😏

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