Lori Loughlin Shared the Cutest Pictures With John Stamos at the “Full House” House and Have Mercy, It’s Nostalgic


Truly, there are few things better in life than the feeling of nostalgia— when you smell a comforting scent, eat a food you loved as a child or, in this case, see some of your favorite TV show characters in modern-day. 

Though we’ve seen them together on “Fuller House,” there’s just something to love about an un-edited, non-scripted picture of Jesse and Rebecca (i.e. John Stamos and Lori Loughlin) that makes you want to say “Have mercy!” 

Lori took to Instagram to share a series of pictures with John as they hung out in front of that famous “Full House” house with the beloved red doors. 

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Hanging on the stoop. #fullhousehouse @fullerhouse

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Lori Loughlin Instagram / @loriloughlin
Lori Loughlin Instagram / @loriloughlin
Lori Loughlin Instagram / @loriloughlin

John Stamos recently welcomed his first child into the world and celebrated his first-ever Father’s Day, saying it was “all [he] ever wanted.”