The Bachelorette’s Luke P. Speaks Out About Finding Himself in a “Familiar” Situation With Madison Prewett

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Just when you thought you might have heard the last of The Bachelorette‘s Luke P., he finds himself relating to a familiar situation that the current Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett finds herself in. And he’s speaking out about it.

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On the latest episode of The Bachelor, where Madison is one of three ladies left vying for the heart of Peter Weber, Maddison made it clear to Peter that she is saving herself for marriage and would not join him in the fantasy suite. No big deal, right? Well, she followed that up with the news that she did not think she could continue their journey to love if she knew that Peter had been intimate with the other ladies in the house. Uh-oh.

That’s when Peter had to admit that he had already been intimate. He didn’t say which of the ladies he had been intimate with, it could have been both, but he did reveal they had been together. That did not sit well with Madison, who walked out of the date and did not continue. The future of their relationship remains to be seen as the The Bachelor plays out.

However, Bachelor Nation and fans of the show can recall this happening last season on The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown and Luke P. Luke did not want Hannah sleeping with any of her other boyfriends in the fantasy suite. If she did, he was out. That’s when we learned of the infamous windmill incident, where Hannah engaged in sexual activity with Peter Weber, four times! Yep.

While Luke was labeled crazy and controlling after sharing his feelings, probably because of the way he went about it and forbidding her to do so, he has since gotten some redemption and can relate to Madison.

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“My face when the fantasy suite situation is too familiar 😂”, he wrote alongside a photo of his shocked face posted on Instagram. “With that being said I haven’t been watching this season but I got the lowdown and I am proud of @madiprew for standing firm in her convictions. Keep doing you girl!”

And now, Madison has the approval of Luke P. whether she wants it or not.

If you want to stay abreast of what happens with Maddison and Peter, tune in to The Bachelor on Monday night on ABC.