Luke S. Reveals the Reason Why He Left “The Bachelorette”

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As the drama between Luke S. and Luke P. intensified on The Bachelorette Tuesday night (June 11), Luke S. made the bold move of taking himself out of the running.

But why? Many Bachelor nation fans were perplexed as to why Luke S. didn’t wait for Hannah to make a decision about his fate, but instead walked away from his chance at love. Well, Luke appeared on Strahan and Sara Wednesday morning (June 12) and explained exactly why he chose to leave.

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“I mean a lot of people seem to think that it stems from the whole Luke P. situation, which it does. That was a catalyst,” Luke began. “I think for me that night was long, it was hard, and I tried my best to sort of communicate with Hannah and sort of figure out where her head was at. To me, being there, I felt like she didn’t trust me, and I think that was enough for me to leave, because trust is the basis of any relationship. Without trust, you can’t have a relationship. And when I felt like I’d lost that, that was when I felt like I needed to leave.”

Luke went on to talk about how his situation on the show got hopeless for him as the time went on.

“The night—the whole week—was very long, very dramatic. When you’re there in the moment you have lots of time and opportunities to try and explain yourself. But the situation for me just kept getting more and more hopeless,” Luke revealed. “I think that was the hardest part for me. People seeing me in this really serious light—I’m like a very laid-back, undramatic guy, and that was hard to see myself only in this very serious light. But it was a pretty intense situation and I really wanted to try to make it work.”

The tense moments between Luke Stone and Luke Parker began at a rugby game that was held during a group date when Luke P body slammed Luke S to the ground. That did not go over well with Luke or any of the other guys vying for Hannah’s love.  Luke S. shared his side of the story when it came to the game.

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“It’s obviously a really intense game when we’re out there, really smacking each other hard and it was all well and good,” Luke added. “My issue with him during that particular play that went down was that he had thrown me into a crowd, and I was worried that he would hurt somebody if he kept up doing stuff like that. So I wanted to jog up to him to let him know hey, please don’t do that again…It was so fast, it was like blindingly quick that he turned and picked me up and then threw me down. It was crazy. It was fast.”

The drama continued from there as Luke P went to Hannah and told her that Luke S wasn’t there for her and was only there to promote his Tequila brand, something that we never heard him mention on the show until Luke P brought it up. Hannah then had the two guys get together in a room and talk about what happened. She got so fed up with the talk, she walked out and went straight to the rose ceremony. That’s when Luke interrupted and left the show, leaving his shot at love behind him.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights on ABC.