“American Idol” Judges Get Pranked by Contestant in Disguise [Watch]


This far into the new season of American Idol, we have seen everyone from farmers to construction workers to models audition for judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. But it was the gothed-out contestant named Lady Mapo that just might have received the most attention.

On Monday night’s episode (March 18,) the figure in black with pierced lips and black lipstick came in not only to sing but also express her opinion about last season.

“I just feel like last year was really, just boring,” she told the judges. “It was too American.”

From there, the piano player started the beginning notes of “The Rainbow Connection.” But just as the scary contestant was about to sing, she pulled off her wig and revealed that she was in fact last year’s winner Maddie Poppe!

Did you see that coming?

We didn’t.

Poppe wasn’t the only former contestant to make an appearance on Monday’s show. Poppe’s real life boyfriend and second place finisher Caleb Lee Hutchinson also showed up at the judge’s table in the hopes to get his friend Jared Sanders a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work, as Sanders was sent home with the encouragement to try again next year.