Mandy Moore Shares Throwback Pic Alongside “Princess Diaries” Co-Star Anne Hathaway

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There is nothing like a picture from your past to remind you that time can move at lightning speed. And for “This Is Us” star Mandy Moore, it was an old pic of her from seventeen years ago that made her look twice.

“I guess this film came out just over 17 years ago,” Moore wrote on her Instagram page Thursday (Aug. 23) of her and fellow actress and “Princess Diaries” co-star Anne Hathaway. “Anne Hathaway was already a movie star and I showed up to my first premiere in a casual denim suit. Hey, it was 2001!”


Things really got interesting after the picture was posted though, as Hathaway showed up in the comments section, ultimately sounding as if these two just might be reuniting sooner than later.

“That’s the face I make when I’m trying not to flop sweat on a terrifically famous pop star,” Hathaway wrote. “So happy for all that you have going on! Let’s get together and throw ice cream at each other soon”

“Hello friend,” Moore responded back. “Count me in. It’d be an honor to be coned by you again!”

So, could it be true? Could these two find themselves on the big screen again? Perhaps this time, the time is indeed right for a reunion.