Mandy Moore Got a Tattoo to Commemorate Her Kilimanjaro Hike and It’s Gorgeous

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Maybe it’s because we can only imagine Rebecca Pearson when we see her, but Mandy Moore doesn’t exactly come across as a tattoo, inked up kind of gal, but she just got a new tattoo that we can’t get enough of– and the meaning behind it makes it even more special.

During her break from filming “This Is Us,” Mandy and a group of friends hiked Kilimanjaro, a feat that has been a dream of Mandy’s for a long time. To commemorate the journey, she got a small, barely-there tattoo on the outside of her foot of the mountain.

“The mountain. Forever commemorated. Thank you [@winter_stone] for the reminder of what we accomplished. #kilimanjaro” she said in her post sharing a picture of the tattoo.

“I have dreamed the dream of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro since the age of 18,” she shared before her trip. “Thanks to [Eddie Bauer] my partner in this adventure, this past week saw #1 on my bucket list come to fruition and I lived out one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life with a few of my best friends.”